Roof Trusses

Our In-house Design Team provides full building truss designs for every type of structure. Most of our roof trusses are designed and engineered for specific projects, however we do carry an inventory of common roof trusses for the convenience of our Retail Partners.

We have the capacity to manufacture and deliver clear span roof trusses up to 112 feet. Our procedures for hauling long span trusses ensure safe arrival to various destinations throughout Western Canada. Time saving methods and safe arrival of trusses, floor systems, wall panels and engineered components are always our top priority.

Common trusses are named according to their web configuration. The chord size and web configuration are determined by span, load and spacing. All truss designs are optimized to provide the most economical application. The following examples represent some of the possible variations on the basic types of trusses. The only limit to the design is your imagination:

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