The Biggest Clear Span Roof Trusses Western Canada Has Ever Seen - Manufactured here in Fort Macleod, Alberta.

The title of our blog, Build It Better, has never been more applicable than these past couple of weeks, when Structural Truss Systems became one of the first truss building companies in Western Canada to accomplish the safe build and shipment of 120ft long clear span trusses.


The project, for a large farm shop near Vauxhall, Alberta, was originally quoted in steel before the client discovered that Structural Truss had the capacity to manufacture clear span roof trusses at the 120 foot length required for the project. Not only would this be a cost effective solution, but would not hinder the desired size of the building.



“This was a size we’ve quoted a dozen times in the last few years, but an order has never been completed until now.”

Ben Grisnich

Senior Designer, Structural Truss

It All Starts With a Smart Design & Trust in the Team to Build It.

These massive trusses were designed to be all in one, with high heel height, no piggy backs and constructed out of MSR lumber. These design elements both provide ultimate structural quality and a less labour intensive installation on-site. The manufacturing process in the shop required 15 builders at all times, and each truss weighed 1,800 pounds / 2 ply, with a 2×8 top and bottom cord.



The new 125ft x 180ft building near Vauxhall required three separate loads on an extended trailer truck. From tip to tail, each load wound up being 135 ft, and was accompanied by two pilot vehicles. The final shipment was parked at Logic Lumber as part of their Customer Appreciation Event. Many of the customers and guests at the event were visibly in awe, constantly inquiring how a truss of that span was constructed. 


A Strategic Transportation Plan Is A Must

The logistics for this type of transportation was not without their hazards and difficulties, but at the end of the week all three shipments had been safely unloaded without a scratch. Operations Manager Rob Slawson explained, “There was a hiccup with the first delivery, but improvements were discussed and we made the proper adjustments for the next deliveries.” 


“The team did fantastic. I can’t be more privileged and honoured to be a part of this team at Structural Truss.”

Rob Slawson, Operations Manager at Structural Truss

Operations Manager, Structural Truss


Grisnich later commented how proud he was of the final product as well, though also mentioned, “I’m excited about the prospect of building an even bigger one in the future.” In fact, he mentioned that during the first day of shipping the 120ft truss load, “we got a quote request for a 125 ft truss!

None of this would have been possible without the incredible team that makes up Structural Truss, who were able to celebrate this immense achievement in manufacturing together at our plant in Fort Macleod, Alberta.

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Structural Truss Provide More Than Just Trusses

For the last 40 years this company has been providing roof trusses, floor trusses and engineered wood products throughout Western Canada. In recent years they have added Wall Panel operations, as well as floor cassettes and stairs, all products that have provided increased efficiencies and capabilities for multi-family construction.

Interested in learning more about what Structural Truss can do to improve your building projects? Even though we are capable of producing solutions for large projects such as this one, we also provide truss solutions for residential homes, sheds, shops and agricultural buildings too. Reach out to our Design Team and learn how we can help out with your next build.  


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